Hi all,

I started to create a 2D-panel for the A320.
First I send this Email to the Users lists, but there I got the hint
to send it to the devel-list.

Here I am

Here is the first shot:

You can download it from :

You also need to install the 747, because the A320-modell refers to it.

But now i got stuck, because I have 3 questions:

 - How can I pass a waypoint to the route-manager with Nasal ?
   (I want to enter the waypoint in the MCDU and pass it via
    Nasal to the route manager)

 - How can I display only a part of the speed ribbon ?

 - How can I improve the fonts ?
   (I am using Linux. I saw in the afternoon, the the fonts are much
   better under windows)

Thank you for help.

PS: Some details of the panel:

Open items:

        - Bad fonts !!!
        - No photo-realistic textures
        - Dokumentation

Primary flight display:
        - speed ribbon
        - altitude ribbon
        - speed marker
        - Vertical speed indictor

 Navigation display:
        - Incomplete LS-Mode
        - No VOR-Mode
        - No NAV-Mode
        - ARC-Mode incomplete
        - No PLAN-Mode

EFIS-Control Panel

FCU- Flight Control Unit:
        - No Speed- and Auto-Throttle
        - No Course-Mode
        - No approach control

        - Redesign is necessary
        - No warnings yet

System Display:
        Only Flight Controls exist, but needs redesign

        Connection between Route-Manager and MCDU

and ..... and .... and...

Primary Flight Display:
- Autopilot displays Heading, Altitude, Waypoint
- Indicated Airspeed, Altitude,
Navigation Display
        ILS-Mode:       Switch on EFIS-Control-Panel
        GS              = Ground Speed
                        = Heading
        DME             = DME from NAV1, HOLD, NAV-2
        NAV1/2-Freq     = Switchable between standy and selected
                          adjust direct on the NAV-Display
        ADF             = Switchable between standy and selected
                          adjust direct on the NAV-Display
        NAV/ADF         Switch on EFIS-Control-Panel

        ARC-Mode:       Switch on EFIS-Control-Panel
        NAV1            = Switchable between standy and selected
                          adjust direct on the NAV-Display
        ADF             = Switchable between standy and selected
                          adjust direct on the NAV-Display

        WPT             = Waypoint name and distance

        Type the value in the scratch pad
        then transfer the value per Line select key in
        the corresponding field

        ON/OF           = Switch ON/OFF
                CO-Route        = Company route (can be set)

                FOB CENTER      = Fuel on board center tank (can be set)
                FOB LEFT        = Fuel on board left wing (can be set)
                FOB RIGHT       = Fuel on board right wing (can be set)
                FOB SUM         = Fuel on sum
                CONSUMED        = Fuel consumed since fuel set

        F-PLN                   Shows the entries of the route manager
Engine Starter:
        RUN     Indicates, wether the engines runs or not
        SEL     You have to select the engines before you can
                start or stop it
        START   Starts the engines, the CUTOFF switch has to be set
                The engine speeds up to 7 % N1, the you have to unset the
                CUT OFF switch
Power Switch:
        Switches of the power. Not all instruments have a depency on this

        Altitude        Works more or less
        Heading         Works more or less

Kind regards


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