Vivian Meazza writes:
> I'm having a problem compiling Simgear-cvs under Cygwin. The compiler stops
> with the following error:
> In file included from soundmgr_openal.hxx:50,
>                  from xmlsound.hxx:40,
>                  from xmlsound.cxx:38:
> /usr/local/include/AL/alc.h:39: error: syntax error before `*' token
> /usr/local/include/AL/alc.h:51: error: `ALCcontext' was not declared in this
>    scope
> /usr/local/include/AL/alc.h:51: error: `alcHandle' was not declared in this
>    scope
> /usr/local/include/AL/alc.h:51: error: variable `ALCboolean
>    alcMakeContextCurrent' definition is marked dllimport.
> Thereafter follows a long list of similar errors.
> I would suppose that this is a consequence of Erik's latest improvements to
> the sound. We Cygwin users are still using Norman Vine's OpenAL stuff. 
> Any advice on fixing this?

Yes  I ran into this the other day  :-(

I changed a few defines in my "AL/alc.h"  and it seems to compile
but I don't have a soundcard on that machine so .....



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