On Wednesday 02 Feb 2005 18:35, Vance Souders wrote:
> I've been working on an aircraft model under 0.9.5 and after moving it over
> to 0.9.8 the model's rotating parts fail to move.  This includes all of the
> gauges, although the parts of gauges animated with textranslate still
> function properly.  I'm building Flightgear against plib 1.8.4 and the
> latest release of simgear. Any idea what might be causing this?
> -Vance

Are they 3d instruments?

If so do the 'faces' (which you want to rotate) have more than 1 surface?

I got stuck trying to animate single-faced polys; it just doesn't work.

Simplest test is just to subdivide one face.

Dave Martin.

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