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: Dave Martin writes

On Wednesday 02 Feb 2005 18:35, Vance Souders wrote:
> I've been working on an aircraft model under 0.9.5 and after moving it over
> to 0.9.8 the model's rotating parts fail to move. This includes all of the
> gauges, although the parts of gauges animated with textranslate still
> function properly. I'm building Flightgear against plib 1.8.4 and the
> latest release of simgear. Any idea what might be causing this?
> -Vance

Are they 3d instruments?

If so do the 'faces' (which you want to rotate) have more than 1 surface?

I got stuck trying to animate single-faced polys; it just doesn't work.

Simplest test is just to subdivide one face.

Yes this is true Dave but that also applied 9.5 so I would not think that was the
I have a eicas/ecam instrument that I am working on which was started on 9.5
and is now in 9.8 and it works fine.But that is running on the windows binaries.
The only two things I can think of is.
1)Check the names of the properties you are animating against have not changed
2)Check the object names have not got altered some how and the animations can't
find them.But this usually leads to the sim crashing.
After that I am all out of ideas.

Oh btw thanks Dave for the heads up on the Nvidia install very helpfull.

Dave Martin.

Cheers Innis

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