Jon S. Berndt wrote:
> This is good for YASim. However, the Nasal approach won't apply for
> other applications which use JSBSim, and JSBSim also needs its own
> fuel management for batch runs (standalone operation) outside of
> FlightGear.

Well, it's certainly fgfs-specific, although there's really not much
YASim-ness in there.  Basically, we want things like fuel state to be
settable by the "user" using the property system.  That's really not
an escapable requirement if we want the users to configure this
subsystem at runtime.

IMHO, the easiest way to implement that is to "disengage" the FDM's
internal fuel management code (I actually deleted YASim's) and simply
make it take the property stuff as input.

The weights work the same way: the YASim configuration simply
associates a property name (e.g. /sim/weight[0]/weight-lb) with a
specific location on the airframe.  Then the GUI code reads the
metadata under /sim/weight[n] to pop up a dialog with sliders for each
named weight.

With JSBSim, you could write a "property interface manager" for these
guys that replaces the "internal" internal fuel/weight managers you
have right now.  If you wanted, you could actually write property
listeners to override the current property nodes and wire their
get/set operations directly into your internal get/set calls.  But
that seems like more work, IMHO.


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