I found time this afternoon to refresh my memory about how the fuel
stuff works.

The FDM reads these properties to determine the amount of fuel in each
tank.  YASim uses this only for computing the inertia tensor and total
aircraft mass, it doesn't care about "fuel" per se.


The FDM reads the following boolean property to determine whether to
kill an engine:


The FDM *adds* to this property to contain a running total of fuel
consumed for each engine.  If it currently has a value of 7, and this
timestep 4.2 lbs of fuel were consumed by this engine, then it should
be set to 11.2.


And that's it.  Everything else related to fuel, including
user-configurability of tank selection and/or filling, is handled by
the nasal script/gui for you.  IMHO, it's really about as simple for
the FDM as is possible.


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