Started building a CVS version and bombed out in Simgear with the following:

RenderTexture.cpp: In method `RenderTexture::Render
RenderTexture.cpp:151: `GLX_RENDER_TYPE_SGIX' undec
RenderTexture.cpp:151: (Each undeclared identifier
RenderTexture.cpp:151: for each function it appears
RenderTexture.cpp:152: `GLX_RGBA_BIT_SGIX' undeclar
RenderTexture.cpp:153: `GLX_DRAWABLE_TYPE_SGIX' und
RenderTexture.cpp:154: `GLX_PBUFFER_BIT_SGIX' undec
RenderTexture.cpp: In method `bool RenderTexture::I
RenderTexture.cpp:456: `GLXFBConfigSGIX' undeclared
RenderTexture.cpp:456: `fbConfigs' undeclared (firs
RenderTexture.cpp:460: implicit declaration of func
RenderTexture.cpp:473: implicit declaration of func
RenderTexture.cpp:480: implicit declaration of func
RenderTexture.cpp:505: `GLX_WIDTH_SGIX' undeclared
RenderTexture.cpp:506: implicit declaration of func
RenderTexture.cpp:507: `GLX_HEIGHT_SGIX' undeclared
RenderTexture.cpp: In method `bool RenderTexture::_
RenderTexture.cpp:611: implicit declaration of func
RenderTexture.cpp: In method `bool RenderTexture::_
RenderTexture.cpp:1774: `GLX_SGIX_pbuffer' undeclar
RenderTexture.cpp:1779: `GLX_SGIX_fbconfig' undecla
make[2]: *** [RenderTexture.o] Error 1
make[1]: *** [install-recursive] Error 1
make: *** [install-recursive] Error 1

looks like a GL extension thingy for SGI machines.

Any suggestions where to look or add or specify as an option or turn off....

John W.

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