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Just found this at http://www.linuxgames.com

Although the news story appears broken / mislinked, it states that someone will be demoing a full-scale 747 cockpit driven by FlightGear at Scale 3x this coming weekend.

Any idea who's hardware / project it is?

Yes, John Wojnaroski (retired military pilot and FG contributor), Jim Brennan (retired 747 pilot), Alex Perry (FG contributor, pilot, FAA safety inspector, phd, etc), and I will be at SCALE this coming weekend in the LA convention center. John is building a full 747 cockpit simulator and basing his efforts largely on FlightGear, OpenGC, linux, and other open-source software. If anyone else is in the area, please stop by and introduce yourself; we'd love to meet you.

There is a short note on my home page as Erik pointed out:


There is also an entry on the FG events page:


Finally, there is a little bit larger description of the project with a few pictures here:


I hope to have a few more pictures and info after the event is finished. John will be the first to point out the flaws and shortcomings of his sim (it's a lot of work to fully replicate a 747 cockpit and he's not quite done yet.) But to the average flight sim enthusiast or aviation enthusiast (and hopefully to the average linux geek) this is going to be a really awsome demo. John has done some really impressive work with his cockpit both in software and hardware.



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