On 10 Feb 2005, at 11:57, Innis Cunningham wrote:

Basically, I have not yet found an aircraft where the speedbrakes or spoilers seem to work, either visually or in terms of slowing the plane down. From looking at data/keyboard.xml, I can see the current bindings are j/k for the spoilers, and Ctrl-B for the speedbrake, but pressing the keys doesn't seem to do anything.

Can't remember if the speedbrakes actually slow the aircraft on the 737 but the animation should work when you hit Ctrl-B

Ah, ok. Thanks to Martin, I realised they work on the TSR2 as well, and both the spoilers and speed-brakes work on the Fokker-100. I haven't had a chance to test if the FDM is seeing any effect yet, this is just checking over the visual models.

So, apologies for the confusion, I didn't check closely enough, and the two aircraft I happen to have been using the most, the F16 and the A320, don't seem to have either system installed.

And on a related note, do any of the jets have thrust reversers installed?

Not that I am aware of.

Drat, and no auto-brakes either - I guess I'll have to stop flying my approaches so fast :-)

Adding animated reverser cowls to the A320 would be a seriously nice touch, if whoever made the model + animations has any free time to kill.


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