On 10 Feb 2005, at 13:03, Martin Spott wrote:

While we are are it, do we already have consensus on which keys to use
for these functions - are the keys consistent across different aircraft
and FDM's ?

The keys do seem to be standard, j/k for spoilers and Ctrl-B for speedbrake, the issue of course is guessing for a given model which surfaces are assigned to which name. I guess 'things on the wings' are spoilers, and 'things not on the wings' are speed-brakes?

Except that the TSR2's brakes are on the spoiler key. The Fokker uses the spoiler key for the wing spoilers, and Ctrl-B for the tail-brake thing, which seems sensible to me.

BTW, there is no keybinding for reverse thrust : I'm going to test with some nasal code i found in one of the joystick files, but is there a free key I should use? Ctrl-R perhaps?

Here's the snippet I found (in Top-Gun-Afterburner.xml):

reverser = !getprop("/controls/engines/engine[0]/reverser");
props.setAll("/controls/engines/engine", "reverser", reverser);
if (reverser) {
        gui.popupTip("Thrust Reverser ON");
} else {
        gui.popupTip("Thrust Reverser OFF");

They are laughing with me, not at me.

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