James Turner wrote

> > While we are are it, do we already have consensus on which keys to use
> > for these functions - are the keys consistent across different aircraft
> > and FDM's ?
> The keys do seem to be standard, j/k for spoilers and Ctrl-B for
> speedbrake, the issue of course is guessing for a given model which
> surfaces are assigned to which name. I guess 'things on the wings' are
> spoilers, and 'things not on the wings' are speed-brakes?

Not necessarily. The Seahawk's speedbrakes (aka airbrakes in UK) are in the
upper wing, and work in conjunction with the flaps - and yes they are both
animated and functional. The Hunter's (under the rear fuselage) is
interlocked with the gear.

Just to clarify things. Spoilers dump lift, and may provide a bit of
braking. Speedbrakes dump speed, and may provide a bit of lift positive or
negative (although designers try to avoid this). Spoilers sometimes act in
conjunction with ailerons to provide roll control.



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