On Thursday 10 February 2005 15:51, Giles Robertson wrote:
> > Can't remember if the speedbrakes actually slow the aircraft on the
> > 737 but the animation should work when you hit Ctrl-B
> The animation works, but has no noticeable affect on airspeed or
> attitude for all airspeeds I tested. Energy analysis of a log file
> didn't show any more energy dumped, either.

A quick run in the 737 shows the speedbrakes contributing (directly) 6923 
pounds of drag at a flight condition of 3000 feet and 300 knots.  This 
doesn't include any additional induced drag.  The value can be read through 
the property browser at /fdm/jsbsim/aero/buildup/Cdsb.

An idle descent at 250 knots shows a descent rate of about 1600 fpm with 
speedbrakes retracted.  With speedbrakes extended the descent rate to hold 
250 knots is about 2600 fpm.

Looks like they work.


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