* Martin Spott -- Thursday 10 February 2005 19:19:
> Great, now we have an accurate definition, we should fix the key
> bindings  :-)
> Does everyone agree on having j/k for the spoilers ? Now, what are we
> going to take for the speed brakes ? Simply using Ctrl-B is not
> sufficient, because speed brakes are supposed to offer multiple
> settings - do we already use i/o for anything ? If not, then we could
> take these keys for the speed brakes.

Here's the newest keyboard list: http://members.aon.at/mfranz/map.pdf  (15 kB)

It is now automatically generated from all the xml files in cvs, and I ask all
of you to, please, *always* add a description (<desc></desc) to your key defs,
and to use consistent descriptions for the same key functions (same spelling
etc.). Custom lists for one or more particular aircraft can easily be generated
as well.


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