Bill Galbraith wrote:
I've been working on a DATCOM+ model for the A380, and discovered one of those pain in the butt errors, that caused MAJOR problems all due to one bad letter. I don't have a DATCOM user's group estabilshed, but I know a number of people on this list are using my DATCOM stuff, and thought this notice might help someone that would have been running into the same problem that I was having, but might be too embarassed to ask.

Maybe this is the right time to remind every one there is a flightgear-flightmodel mailinglist that can be used to discuss everything related to the flightmodel, ranging from FDM design (like JSBSim and YASim) to model configuration files (like DATCOM):

If you have any interest in this subject it would be best to subscribe to that list (also).


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