I'm using the newest autotools and am getting a lot of warnings about 
underquoted definitions.  Apparently GNU made a change recently.  Here is a 
snippet from: 

Starting with Automake 1.8, aclocal will warn about all underquoted calls to 
AC_DEFUN. We realize this will annoy a lot of people, because aclocal was not 
so strict in the past and many third party macros are underquoted; and we 
have to apologize for this temporary inconvenience. The reason we have to be 
stricter is that a future implementation of aclocal will have to temporary 
include all these third party .m4 files, maybe several times, even those 
which are not actually needed. Doing so should alleviate many problem of the 
current implementation, however it requires a stricter style from the macro 
authors. Hopefully it is easy to revise the existing macros. For instance

     # bad style

should be rewritten as


Wrapping the AC_PREREQ call inside the macro ensures that Autoconf 2.57 will 
not be required if AX_FOOBAR is not actually used. Most importantly, quoting 
the first argument of AC_DEFUN allows the macro to be redefined or included 
twice (otherwise this first argument would be expansed during the second 

If you have been directed here by the aclocal diagnostic but are not the 
maintainer of the implicated macro, you will want to contact the maintainer 
of that macro. Please make sure you have the last version of the macro and 
that the problem already hasn't been reported before doing so: people tend to 
work faster when they aren't flooded by mails. 

Here's the first of the flood :)


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