* Ron Lange -- Monday 14 February 2005 10:29:
> Can anyone also cause this segfault by using with an .fgfsrc containing 
> just one line
> --airport=EDHI --aircraft=bo105 --enable-game-mode

It issues two warnings:

  Failed to find runway 28R at airport EDHI --aircraft=bo105 --enable-game-mode
  Failed to find a good runway for EDHI --aircraft=bo105 --enable-game-mode

but runs fine otherwise. Not with the bo105, though. But then it crashes on

If I had to fix this, I would start with making the config file scanner read
all parameters into an STL vector, allowing more than one parameter per line.
The file wouldn't have to be read more than once (as it's done now) and the
crash would probably not occur any more. "Fixing" the code that crashes now
is only curing symptoms and IMHO a waste of time. This code is "innocent".


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