I recently posted an email on flightgear-users concerning a problem I am having with scenery files in FlightGear 0.9.4. Someone suggested I should forward my email on the -devel list, so here it is.
Thank you in advance for your help

I am using 0.9.4 on XP; I installed some scenery files (for 0.9.5... that's all I could find!), and I am getting errors of the form:

Failed to open file

and also:

Error: base = 0,54.4316 course = 0.98523 dist = 522502

when I switch between view modes (although, this does not always happen...).
In cockpit, helicopter and chase view modes, I have no scenery (just a uniform light blue color).

What do you think could be wrong? Is it just that scenery files for 0.9.5 are not compatible with 0.9.4? Where could I get sceneries for 0.9.4? I'm stuck with this version, because I am using an external FDM only compatible with 0.9.4 (Cloudcap Simulator).


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