On Thu, 17 Feb 2005 16:45:46 +1100
Geoff Air wrote:

> I use msvc7, in XP, cygwin not installed, so also do not
> use pthreads ... I added a switch, HAVE_PTHREAD, for things
> like -
> #include <pthread.h>
> #endif // #ifdef HAVE_PTHREAD
> if anyone is interested, or headed this direction ...
> I need fgrun to 'return', so I can 'select' other things,
> and run (the same or different) FG, with a changed
> command ... rather than at present, it shows a modal
> dialog, and goes into an infinite wait, until FG
> quits ... thus do not need pthreads to compile, run ...

Do I understand correctly that you just want fgrun to fork or whatever
(exec) and just return, instead of creating a thread, forking and
waiting, so that you can run another FG ?

The implementation for run_fgfs is different on Windows and Linux/UNIX,
and I don't know much about the CreateProcess function called from
run_win32.cxx, but I suppose that's where you have to look.

Jorge Van Hemelryck

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