On Thu, 2005-02-17 at 16:17, Frederic Bouvier wrote:
> The tile boundary is not at integral degrees. They can be at .125, .250, .375,
> .5, .625, .75 and .875 ( every 1/8 of a degree )

Ah, it applies at that level does it? I suppose that's logical.

OK, may I propose:
/* KLUDGE: FIXME: avoid hang when starting on a tile boundary */
if (startup_long*8.0 == floor(startup_long*8.0)) startup_long += 0.0001;
if (startup_lat*8.0 == floor(startup_lat*8.0)) startup_lat += 0.0001;

Rule #1 of user interface design: don't expose the users to quirks of
the implementation.

In this case the above hack can be removed if/when anyone ever fixes the
underlying tile-boundary problem, but until then it keeps the phone
lines quiet at the help desk (!) and serves as a useful comment in the
code to the effect that there's a bug to fix.


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