As has been noted previously on our mailing lists, the FlightGear project had a booth this past weekend at the Southern California Linux Expo in Los Angeles, California.

John Wojnaroski is building a 747 simulator (I use the present tense here because these things are never finished) :-) and he was willing to bring it to the show and show it off. Jim Brennan and I met at John's house on Thursday evening to help make some last minute software/hardware improvements to the simulator. Then we disassembled it and transported it to the show on Friday.

I say a special thanks to Durk Talsma who put in some extra effort getting his traffic manager code ready to run in time for the show, and also to Jon Berndt who did some last minute 747 dynamics tweaks for us.

For those that are interested, we have a more in depth description of John's 747 project here:

The quick project summary is that John has combined FlightGear, OpenGC, some of his own software, designed some of his own hardware, wrote a linux device driver for it, built the cockpit frame, and rolled it all together to form the complete cockpit. FlightGear is only one component of a much larger project.

Alex Perry posted his pictures of our booth here:

I have posted a couple of my own pictures (and one movie) here:

The included movie (3.5Mb) was done on a windows machine and is probably formated in a windows specific format. If anyone can convert it to a more portable format, I'd be happy to post that. I'm limited by my available software and my own lack of video editing experience here.

I would like to thank John Wojnarowski for building a very impressive FlightGear/Linux based 747 simulator. I would also like to thank Jim Brennan for traveling down to LA to help with transporting the sim, providing LCD displays, as well as other miscellaneous bits and pieces (and for buying me lunch.) :-) Alex and Trish Perry spent a large amount of time helping out at the booth. Alex took a break from our booth on Saturday to a very nice talk on embedded linux. Finally, thanks to all the FlightGear developers who have contributed in large and small ways to make FlightGear (and projects like John's simulator) possible.

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