Hi Fred,

Yes, it is hard to notice, since this will work -
--fg-scener"y=c:\my pa"th
and only in the very, very unlikely case of say a path
like 'my path a' would fail with -
--fg-scener"y=c:\my path" a
the space being 'outside' the quotes ...

I think the win32 C/C++ runtime parser, that splits the
command line into the char **argv, array, removes the
double quotes ... I guess ... because FG does not
complain of a bad option ... except in the 'exceptional'
case ...

Also, thank you and Norman, for the pthreads
pointer ... which, I had thought was part of cygwin ...

I have now CVS's this source, and when I get time, ;=))
will include this in my 'arsenal' ... then maybe I can
get some of my TerraGear components to 'fork' ... rather
than using my current 'work-around-s' ...

One other small fgrun 'feature' I found, is that, if I
back up to page[0], there is a delay while it
re-loads apt.dat.gz, when I go 'forward' again ...
have not yet looked at why ... but it is not a real
problem ... and I am a few days behind in cvs terms ...

To Jorge, yes, but not ONLY to run another FG ... ;=))

A thought-only, at this stage, is to say change aircraft,
or FDM, and pass the new configuration back to the running
FG ... the 'launcher' becomes 'controller', or dynamic
re-configure-er, in some way ... way into future? ;=((

Or for fgrun to now launch Atlas ... or ... ???

But this is more about the win32 only line -
 WaitForSingleObject( pi.hProcess, INFINITE );
in the run_win32.cxx implementation, and does not
influence, or change the run_posix.cxx port ... which
uses waitpid( pid, &status, 0 ); on 'parent' fork,
and execv( path.c_str(), pt ); on the 'child' ... and
thus 'depends' on what these functions do ...

I can see, say a preference item, like -

[x] Modal Dialog, while FlightGear is running ...

perhaps only appears in the win32 port ... the default
can be on ... thus not changing fgrun's present action,
but gives more 'options', to different users ...

Or, even add a [Close], or [Hide] button,
to the modal window ... then the preference(s) could be
on that dialog, like -

(o) Wait until FlightGear exits, or
( ) Do not show this modal dialog again. or
( ) Show this dialog for [30   ] seconds only.

In the fltk window win32 implementation, I detected
some exit problems, if I just 'big-red-X-ed' the modal
dialog ... which got me 'looking' at some of this
in the first place ... it seems 'wrong' not to provide
some 'polite-exit' to this modal situation ... aside from
when FG exits ...

My particular case was, now that FG was running, I
simply wanted to check, review, my command options ...
like FG is 'beeping', didn't I select disable
sound? ... etc ... not stare at a locked modal dialog
situation ...

Enjoy ...


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