On Freitag 18 Februar 2005 16:08, Frederic Bouvier wrote:
> I don't know if it is true for gcc, but with MSVC, rtti needs to be
> activated with a specific compile-time option otherwise the result is
> unpredictable.
I see, this is the first usage of rtti in flightgear.

But all those dynamic_casts here are more a 'be paranoid and double check to 
be really shure' than real application of rtti.
So if this turns out to be the real problem we can remove them.

gcc normally enables rtti by default.
At least gcc 3.4.2 and gcc-4presomething I have installed on my fedora core 3.
The gcc-2.95.3 manpage does not tell anything about that.

But from the backtrace and the prehistoric gcc-2.95.3 sources I would think 
that the input pointer was zero which I cannot imagine to happen ATM.



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