Since one day YASim make use of the groundcache.

That means for aircraft models where the 3d-model animates the gear 
compression well (like Vivians seahawk for example), the gears exaclty follow 
the slope of the ground.

Also the aircraft carrier hardware is integrated in YASim.
Starting the simulation is a bit tricky since we can not yet start directly on 
the carrier. So you need to set the aircraft's position somewhere on the 

I do that with:
- uncommenting the nimitz_demo scenario tag from data/preferences.xml
- using latitude=37.688, longitude=-122.683 and heading=180 in 
- and finally the commandline:
   fgfs --lat=37.689 --lon=-122.683 --altitude=72 --heading=180

Ok, now you will be on the carrier.

We have at the moment 3 carrier capable aircraft (true Vivian?):
The seahawk, the a4 and the seafire.
With these the keybindings for carrier operations are:
o/O retract/extend the hOok.
L to arrest the aircraft at the catapult.
C for the Catapult launch.

So if you want to start on the carrier, taxi to the catapult. The nosegear 
must be exactly over one of those lines. Press L and you will see the nose of 
the aircraft slightly pitching. Now apply some flaps depending on the 
aircraft and full throttle. If the engines are up, press the C key and gently 
pull the stick backwards.

Landing is a real challenge. Extend the hook and the gear and try to catch the 
wires. Whenever your hook intersects one of those wire lines you can see on 
the deck, you will catch it. There is no propability for not catching them, 
but it is hard enough to catch them anyway. The meatball at the left of the 
carrier will show you how your positions is relative to the glideslope.
Be shure to apply full throttle when you touch the deck. This is for the case 
where you missed all wires to have enough speed when you leave the deck 

A good idea to explore such a carrier is the bo105 even if it is better not to 
launch that one from the cat :)



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