* Erik Hofman -- Wednesday 23 February 2005 10:03:
[absolute paths in *.ac files]
> Is there a reason to change the path in AC3D files?
> As far as I know the path is neglected anyhow.

These absolute paths are a bit annoying when one wants to view a model in a 3D
editor, which respects them. For example, if you go to Aircraft/j3cub/Models
and call  $ ppe j3cub.ac, you'll see the model with red/white default texture.
In most other models the correct textures are shown. I always strip the local
path from my models, and I would like everyone to do that. But I wouldn't really
change them in CVS now. In a perfect world there would be a script in CVSROOT
that would automatically remove these paths in *.ac files, remove trailing 
in all text files, etc. (Oh, and it would also replace all leading spaces in xml
files by tabs ...  :-)


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