[absolute paths in *.ac files' texture statement]
* Frederic Bouvier -- Wednesday 23 February 2005 14:13:
> [...] I thought it was not used by the plib loader

It *is* used if you tell plib to use it. SimGear apparently always sets the
path to the location where the *.ac file was from. PPE doesn't. And this is
not a bug. After all, the path is there for a reason, no?  :-] 

> Could we lobby Willan Germano to strip them in the AC exporter ( Melchior ? )

Sure, but not before the ac3d exporter's state is saved to a config file.
Otherwise people would forget to turn it on and we would be where we are
today. Changing the default is not an option, according to him. He doesn't
want the output format to become incompatible with former ones.

And this would only fix a fraction of *.ac file -- those exported from Blender.
If we really care then we let a CVSROOT script strip the absolute paths. 
else is just a workaround.


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