> From: Melchior FRANZ
> * Erik Hofman -- Wednesday 23 February 2005 10:03:
> [absolute paths in *.ac files]
> > Is there a reason to change the path in AC3D files?
> > As far as I know the path is neglected anyhow.
> These absolute paths are a bit annoying when one wants to view a model in a 3D
> editor, which respects them. For example, if you go to Aircraft/j3cub/Models
> and call  $ ppe j3cub.ac, you'll see the model with red/white default texture.
> In most other models the correct textures are shown. I always strip the local
> path from my models, and I would like everyone to do that. But I wouldn't 
> really
> change them in CVS now. In a perfect world there would be a script in CVSROOT
> that would automatically remove these paths in *.ac files, remove trailing 
> spaces
> in all text files, etc. (Oh, and it would also replace all leading spaces in 
> xml
> files by tabs ...  

The ac3d editor does that as well.  It seems to strip off the path on loading 
if the absolute path fails.  As does the AC loader in plib.  It seems odd then 
ppe isn't doing the same.

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