On Wednesday, 23 February 2005 02:08, Roy Vegard Ovesen wrote:
> I would like to suggest a different approach.
> 1. Create a new Variometer instrument module i C++. Actually you might want
> to create a more generic "Total Energy Tube" module to add to the systems
> modules (static, pitot, vacuum, etc.). I urge you to try to model the
> "Total Energy Tube" principles as closely as possible. I found a basic
> description from a variometer manufacturer:

If I was able to create a "Total Energy Tube" module it still leaves me 
without a way to perform calculations and logic that are vario specific.

> 2. The sound bit can be coded in C++ into the variometer instrument module.

Are you now talking about a separate C++ instrument?
I assume you are not referring to the "Total Energy Tube" module which can be 
generic in nature.

So the way I see it is I need two C++ modules that need to be created and 
hooked into FG.
How does one do that?
Can I write shared libraries with a defined interface and get FG to load it 
when the panel references it?

If there is a defined API for this stuff I'll manage but if it requires 
designing software architectures then I'm stuck.
I think I'll rather fiddle around with the existing mess and leave the serious 
stuff up to the guys who have brains.

I'm happy with the technology we use at the moment like the XML animations, 
sounds, nasal, etc. I just wish that the way things were hooked together was 
a bit more logical and cleaner.


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