On Wednesday, 23 February 2005 00:07, Berndt, Jon S wrote:
> This is exactly the reason for one of the features being added for
> JSBSim in the next release: the ability to calculate arbitrary values
> based on parameters know within the FDM - especially things like you
> have described here: total energy. Flight management systems and
> displays are getting increasingly sophisticated. The next release of
> JSBSim includes the ability to specify functions using XML markup very
> similar to MathML. The result of the function would be available as a
> property to the instrument subsystem. Believe me, this approach that
> FlightGear uses - however complicated it may seem - is so much better
> than other approaches I have seen in flight simulation code. Like
> comparing night and day.

That's good news.

However I thought JSBSim was just a flight dynamics engine?
Even if these features were added to an aircraft config file FG would still 
have to be modified so that instruments can also have their own separate  
config files otherwise you end up coding the instrument maths/logic into the 
aircraft config files all over again.


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