> > 1. Create a new Variometer instrument module i C++.
> If I was able to create a "Total Energy Tube" module it still leaves me 
> without a way to perform calculations and logic that are vario specific.

I'm an ASEL pilot (without glider training) but I was of the impression
that the variometer was a slightly modified pitot tube connected to a VSI.
Are you trying to simulate the aircraft instrument or are you trying to
provide the same value as an expensive air data computer would yield ?

If you want the air data computer output, you'll need the C++ stuff.
If you want realism, I suggest you assemble what real aircraft use.

I don't know whether there are any avionics techs with glider background
on the list.  If not, I'd be happy to ask the local FAA office, or
some of the staff at the several gliderports around here, for help

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