> However I thought JSBSim was just a flight dynamics engine?
> Even if these features were added to an aircraft config file FG would still
> have to be modified so that instruments can also have their own separate
> config files otherwise you end up coding the instrument maths/logic into the
> aircraft config files all over again.
> Paul

JSBSim does flight dynamics and control (and propulsion). Everything that it 
needs to have
to model the controlled flight of an aerospace vehicle. One of the capabilities 
in the aerodynamics model is the ability to specify new properties as a 
function of other
properties or values, etc. This is useful for modeling complicated aerodynamic 
but - by design - it also serves another purpose.

One project I worked on for the space shuttle featured some complicated 
displays. This was
a couple of years ago. I figured that if there was an equation capability in 
JSBSim where
arbitrary calculations could be made and the results accessible to FlightGear 
as a whole,
then more complicated displays could be done in FlightGear.

As an example of what I am talking about, the space shuttle features a crew 
display prior
to landing that shows - given the current vehicle state - where the shuttle 
would be in
10, 20, and 30 seconds in the future as a predicting aid. The FDM, with it's 
knowledge of vehicle state, can calculate the predicted location and make these 
available via properties, so they can be displayed.

Now, I suspect Nasal is the preferred method for doing this kind of thing now in
FlightGear - and from what I understand it's independent of FDM. Still, I can 
playing with this in JSBSim, and for users outside of FlightGear, it may be the 
only way
to go.


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