On Thursday, 24 February 2005 18:49, Alex Perry wrote:
> The easy non-software thing to do is to hook up a second VSI simulation
> to the pitot simulation instead of the static simulation.  Then, take
> the VSI instrument and change the artwork to look like a vario and add
> a second rotation layer.  The first rotation layer watches the normal
> VSI simulation, the second rotation layer watches the new pitot VSI
> except that it is cumulative to the first and in the other direction.

Well I already have most of the artwork done - I just need a valid TE variable 
to plug into my needle animation.

> In the C++, I'd simply copy the altimeter code (which has both data
> sources) and the VSI code (which has the low pass filter and the like) and
> merge them into a new function.  Other than that, there isn't much coding
> needed.

Ok that sounds easy enough.
I'll look into that when I reach that stage.

> Do you have all the information you need, or should I ask for help ?

I'll yell for help when I get to the maths part.  :)


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