On Wednesday 23 February 2005 18:51, Paul Surgeon wrote:
> On Wednesday, 23 February 2005 20:07, Alex Perry wrote:
> > > > 1. Create a new Variometer instrument module i C++.
> > >
> > > If I was able to create a "Total Energy Tube" module it
> > > still leaves me without a way to perform calculations and
> > > logic that are vario specific.
> >
> > I'm an ASEL pilot (without glider training) but I was of the
> > impression that the variometer was a slightly modified pitot
> > tube connected to a VSI.
> That sounds about right.
> As far as I know one can hook up most variometers to any TE
> probe. However some electronic varios don't use a TE probe but
> rather a set of pressure transducers.
> What also differs between some designs which use a TE probe is
> the inclusion or exclusion of a flask that is used to average
> the reading out.
> > Are you trying to simulate the aircraft instrument or are
> > you trying to provide the same value as an expensive air
> > data computer would yield ?
> I'm trying to simulate an aircraft instrument.
> Paul

There are 'Energy Worm' and 'Energy Marker' features that can be 
enabled in the Hud so it's possible that the data you need is 
already being calculated.

To enable these features set <enable_energy_worm> and 
<enable_energy_marker> to true in the hudladder.xml file for the 
hud you're using

However, I had to comment out a couple of lines in the src code 
to get it to work every time - sometimes it was on the hud but 
at other times it was as though it wasn't enabled.

The src file to amend is hud_ladr.cxx and I had to comment out 
the test on ilcanclaw == 1 and it's closing brace.


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