* mat churchill -- Thursday 24 February 2005 22:18:
> I'm getting seg faults 25% - 50% of the time when I try to start fg.
> This is on a fresh install of Mandrake 10.1 with the latest CVS of plib, 
> simgear, flightgear, with the latest nvidia drivers.
> it then crashes before or during the spash screen, like this.
> Is there a way to get more info from FG other than using --verbose ?

(0)  compile & link plib/sg/fgfs with 'debug' symbols (-g option)

(1)  make sure that you get core files. You may have to set "ulimit -c 
     (or some reasonable size instead of "unlimited") in ~/.profilerc or 
     or elsewhere.

(2a) either wait until fgfs crashes: then load the core file into gdb (the gnu

        $ gdb `which fgfs` core.fgfs.123456

     (whereby the core file name may look differently. The names aresettable in 
     Linux kernels. This is what I use:  $ echo "core.%e.%p" > 

(2b) or run fgfs in gdb already:

        $ gdb --args fgfs --airport-id=LFMN ...

(3)  on the gdb prompt that you get for both (2a) and (2b) you can inspect the
     code. First list a backtrace:

        (gdb) bt

     after which you get a list of all stack frames, with the current one on 
     from which this was called as next, etc. If you don't know what to do with
     all the info, send the backtrace to the list. I assume, though, that it's
     a local problem. Good for us. Bad for you.  ;-)


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