* Dave Perry -- Friday 25 February 2005 03:52:
> main.o(.text+0x18e): In function `main':
> /usr/local/source/fgrun/src/main.cxx:87: undefined reference to `Fl::lock()'
> So I removed all the files and do a clean co from cvs.  I still get the 
> same error.
> Any ideas?  I am running FC2 (with all the uptodate updates).

I had the same problem. fgrun does since very recently use threads, but fltk
hadn't been compiled with threads on SuSE 9.2. (I dropped them a line and hope
that they'll change that in the next release.) Seems that FC2 suffers from the
same problem. You need to compile fltk with "--enable-shared --enable-threads".


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