Don Oliver wrote:
> fgfs --prop:/sim/model/path=Models/my-cessna.wrl"
> There are no .wrl files in my FlightGear installation, so where do I
> find this information?

FlightGear's model loader (part of plib) supports many different file
formats.  The best supported is currently AC3D (.ac) format, which is
native to that shareware modeller ( and well-supported in
Blender by a Python export script.

This particular extension, .wrl, indicates a VRML file.  Maybe we
should fix the docs to use .ac instead.

> Next, there are detailled instructions for how to animate rudder,
> throttle, etc., but how does the program know what part of my model is
> the rudder, throttle, etc., and what makes the part move?

Almost all 3D modelling programs allow you to associate "names" with
object sub-parts.  These names then appear in the XML content that
describes the animation.


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