* Patrick Deflandre -- Thursday 03 March 2005 07:00:
* > Melchior FRANZ a écrit :
> > If you really mean the *rendered* image: you have to activate "TexFace"

> I didn't mean rendered, but my english is not as good as I want.

No no. It's not your English. The model is indeed rendered to Blender's 
"3D window". But in Blender's terminology, only pictures created by the
"Render" options are called "rendered", AFAIK. I thought you were maybe
doing some raytraced images from FlightGear (or other) models, which is
fun, but really a Blender question. I'm too pedantic ... sigh ...  :-] 

> And I ask my question on this list because I want to help you in your 
> FlightGear project.



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