Hey All,

I'm running flightgear on Windows, and have noticed that it seems to
use up all of the available processing time, and because of this, it
seems to get jumpy when other applications are being used while
FlightGear is running.  I noticed that I can try to bump up the
priority of FlightGear, and everything else comes to a complete halt.

I'm trying to interface FlightGear with another application (which I'm
writing), and would like it to behave more reliably while not hogging
the processor for itself.  What I'm wondering is, has anyone
experimented with scheduling FlightGear to run at a slower rate, but
with higher priority (perhaps adding 'sleep' calls to yield some
processing time) so it will run more smoothly and reliably while other
programs are running?

Is this a Windows-specific problem, or does anyone have any additional


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