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* Curtis L. Olson -- Friday 04 March 2005 05:33:

When configuring a 2d instrument, there is a concept of property aliases. The README.xmlpanel example uses absolute property paths, but the real world instruments I've seen use relative paths with a lot of ../../../../../params/etc.

You just count all hierarchy levels back to the <params> level (whereby
the name "params" is not hardcoded, and you can use anything else there,
as long as it doesn't clash with existing keywords like "animation").

Ok, I think that makes sense. Here's what got me. I had something working, then realized my condition logic was wrong and wrapped things up in <and> and <or> ... but adding these layers to my conditions, changed the parameter nesting levels and everything broke. At that point I was 8 or 9 levels deep and it's pretty difficult to count back though complex xml to figure out how many levels you actually need. It's pretty easy to get screwed up.

It would be nice someday if we could come up with a more straightforward and less fragile way to do this.



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