> There is the property /sim/frame-rate-throttle-hz that could be used to limit
> the framerate but the source should be modified to call a system sleep method 
> (
> with a fine resolution, for example pthread_cond_timedwait ) instead of 
> looping
> wildly.
> -Fred

Just tried this, and I can make it run at half speed (30 Hz), but it
still consumes 99% processor time.  Je ne comprends pas!

FWIW, I'm sure it's not a video card conflict.  The only other process
I'm running is just a standard Windows GUI...it's very small, not
computationally intensive, but it's real-time critical (it's a crude
simulation).  30 Hz is all I need because it's being sent to a TV
display, anyway.

Thanks again,

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