Lee Elliott wrote:

Hello Jon,

I was just wondering if you had done any updates/additions to your models. I thought I'd seen a couple of messages where you'd corrected a couple of things, like the orientation of the Humber bridge but I haven't been able to find them. I also noticed that a few objects seemed to be missing from the Models archive that I have e.g. tilburychimney.ac & kingsnorthchimney.ac

That was because I got sidetracked coding for the database, and working on an aircraft model - I added a bunch of chimney models last night - there are still a couple missing, but I need to find dimensions for them.

I've been working on some code for placing electricity pylons, and hope to be able to do a mass update of these in the near future.

I added a tower bridge model yesterday afternoon - that'll be positioned at some point today, and once that's done I'll run another scenery export.

Jon Stockill

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