That did it! Rebuilt SimGear and FlightGear and fgfs fired right
up...Loaded quickly too. Very nice!!!

Thank you guys!

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 11:53:47 -0500, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Felix,
> Erik put into CVS a few hours ago a simgear/sound fix that will fix
> your problem.
> You will still see a white box on a black background, but this time it
> will eventually end with one of the fg startup pictures being shown.
> The problem was an infinite loop specific to mac os x that only showed
> up (I think) with gcc 3.3 and greater compilers (which is in the latest
> dev tools for mac os x) I think.  Earlier compilers didn't seem to have
> this problem (at least for me they didn't 8-)).
> You can see which version of the compiler you have with
> gcc --version
> Mine is:
> gcc (GCC) 3.3 20030304 (Apple Computer, Inc. build 1671)
> Copyright (C) 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
> This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.  There is
> NO
> I don't know why it's taking so long to put up a picture on the white
> box. It will need looking into on one of my better days (darned
> weather)! 8-)
> It would definitely be calmer for users (at least THIS user) to see a
> picture on the splash screen as soon as possible after the white box
> (or hold displaying the white box until the picture is ready, but then
> users might think FlightGear is not  responding). Perhaps someone could
> figure out how to display a text message like "loading
> FlightGear-required components. Please wait." in the white box until
> the picture is ready for display. (All the pictures are cool, but I
> especially like the triplane picture, BTW).
> Thanks to Eric for putting this in, and thanks to all the developers
> for the great flightsim AND for supporting Mac OS X!
>  TTFN (ta-ta for now)
> Best regards,
> Ima
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