John Wojnaroski wrote:

The aircraft file for the 747-100 provided by Jon for the SCALE3X expo does
not contain a drag coeefficinet for the spoliers.  I tried adding a value by
copying that portion from the 737 xml file, but it does not appear to work.
In that the value generated by the spoiler lever is passed from the 747 sim
hardware to FG and on to JSBSim, but there is no visible effect on the
airspeed. Tried tweaking the coefficient to a higher value, but still

What did I miss?

You will also need to add the speedbrake component to the FLIGHT_CONTROL section of the configuration file:

   <COMPONENT NAME="Speedbrake Control" TYPE="KINEMAT">
     INPUT   fcs/speedbrake-cmd-norm
     DETENTS 2
             0   0
             1   0.6
     OUTPUT  fcs/speedbrake-pos-norm


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