Quoting Martin Spott :

> Martin Spott wrote:
> > I didn't hunt for debug output this morning but I'll do that tonight.
> > My friend told me something like "FlightGear is broken, it stops after
> > selecting the A-10" - so I assume 'fgrun' works correctly,
> I was unable to reproduce after I reverted the filename change. I
> wasn't able to reprocude this effect with the A-10fl neither.
> Might there be an issue with this single "A-10cl-set.xml" file in the
> installer package which got lost (the issue) during renaming ?
> I'm aware that this souds a bit strange, but I would not tell this
> story if it actually didn't happen ....
> I'll reinstall FlightGear on the PeeCee some day this week to determine
> if the problem persists,

IIRC, there has been permission issues in the unix base package. Maybe they
affected fgsetup too.


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