Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

1. FlightGear has a property called /velocities/airspeed-kt; does anyone know if this was originally intended to be VCAS, VIAS, VTAS, or what?

2. The pitot system uses /velocities/airspeed-kt as it's input (and seems to assume this value is VIAS.)

3. We "tie" /velocities/airspeed-kt to v_calibrated_kts in the FDM structure, but the pitot/airspeed systems interprets this value as indicated airspeed.

4. I want to pass in velocity from an external FDM. I can feed in vcas or vias. The FDM structure only has a slot for VCAS, but this is "tied" to /velocities/airspeed-kt, which seems to be interpreted as VIAS by the rest of the sim.

5. Do we have any code on the FG side that computes VCAS given VIAS or visa versa?

6. If we split out /velocites/airspeed-kt into /velocities/airspeed-vcas-kt and /velocities/airspeed-vias-kt are we going to break a lot of stuff?

Right now I have to do something ... either pass in VIAS from the external fdm and have the subsystems work correctly (but it hurts to do this because everything in the FDM structures are calling the value calibrated speed.) Or I try to fix this up and probably make a bigger mess of everything.



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