Hey everyone,

FlightGear (source and base), and SimGear source are now available for
download via BitTorrent, thanks to http://www.open-bits.org

http://www.open-bits.org/details.php?id=902 (SimGear Source)
http://www.open-bits.org/details.php?id=901 (fgfs-base)
http://www.open-bits.org/details.php?id=900 (FlightGear source)

For those who don't know what BitTorrent is, see
And you can download the client from http://www.bittorrent.com

Currently we need seeders. So even though I'm very sure most if not
all of you already have the above releases, you can still seed for
those who don't :)

Curtis, Maybe you might want to link to the torrents on the download
page? I have no idea what kind of load you have on your servers but
this may sure help to reduce it.

Thanks, and enjoy! (And happy seeding)

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