> From: "Curtis L. Olson"
> 6. If we split out /velocites/airspeed-kt into 
> /velocities/airspeed-vcas-kt and /velocities/airspeed-vias-kt are we 
> going to break a lot of stuff?

This has been there so long I'd almost suggest depricating it and removing 
airspeed-kt sometime in the distant future.  A massive edit in the base 
package and c source would take care of FlightGear, but I'd guess it might 
break some things for external interface users.  Can we have the vcas and 
vias properties and continue to write the vcas value to airspeed-kt?

An after thought...maybe we should NOT write airspeed-vias-kt unless it is 
actually being modeled.  Then change all the current references from 
to airspeed-vcas-kt so people (modelers, autopilot designers) know what they 
actually using.  If at some point the FDM models IAS for a particular aircraft, 
then the gauges and autopilot configurations can be changed accordingly.



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