On Dienstag 15 März 2005 22:10, Andy Ross wrote:
> Curtis L. Olson wrote:
> > The conversion between VCAS and VIAS is aircraft specific and is often
> > shown in a table in the POH (and depends on things like flap position.)
> > So FG can't come up with a nice tidy formula to convert between the two
> > values.  Thus FlightGear leaves everything as VCAS internally and
> > doesn't allow for a separate VIAS at this point in time?
> Sounds good to me, although I'd still argue for renaming all the
> properties and removing the FGInterface code (just make the FDMs set
> them properties themselves).
This is a good thing.

I think that an FGInterface class should get a base property node which should 
be the root for this aricraft. Currently this is just the root property node  
for "/".
What we need to write then is a document which property nodes are required and 
which should, if present, be named with a specific name.
Also having a consistent naming scheme for units might be a good idea.

Where I like the approach we have now is for the position (lat/lon/alt).
Since most FDM's do not compute in geodetic coordinates we can keep an 
interface where the FDM sets the the position in geocentric, geodetic or 
cartesian coordinates.



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