Hi everyone!

I'm a newbie FG user that thinks this proyect has a lot of potential. As I am graphic designer I offer myself to help in the aesthetics as far as you would like to.

In other way, I have some user related questions about the game's interface and documentation:
(first tell that I have the windows 0.98a version running in an XP PC)

1. Due to it's potential Flightgear is going to get more and more planes, so..
it's possible to have some properties in the xml file like manufacturer / model / version / year or something like that? Then if you sometimes want to fly a 1920's plane, you would find it faster, and you'll see all the Northrops together, as example.

2. I tried to run opengc 0.54 and 0.56 with FG but it doesn't works. I configured FG to send the opengc data to the port 5800 of the opengc host in UDP. Is this an opengc problem or it is reported to work fine with FG under windows?

3. About the last question... It seems that some FG planes has better glass cockpit displays than opengc or others. I's possible to configure a FG client to render specific displays as opengc?

4. If I change the language in the advanced properties of the wizard, it seems to add an "--lang=code" tho the command line but the documentation says the option is "--language=code"

Thanks a lot and I repeat that I want to help in any way I can.


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