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2. I tried to run opengc 0.54 and 0.56 with FG but it doesn't works. I configured FG to send the opengc data to the port 5800 of the opengc host in UDP. Is this an opengc problem or it is reported to work fine with FG under windows?

Unfortunately, the interface between FG and OpenGC is most likely not in sync. I've not updated that code for almost a year. There have been major changes to the interface for the 747 Sim Project and I've intentionally not included those in either FG or OpenGC in order to reduce the impact to others. You might want to check the opengc_data.hxx file in both programs to see if the data packet is the same. And make certain the opengc.ini file has the correct address and port assignments. Are you running Linux or MS windows? If Linux, I might be able to help.

3. About the last question... It seems that some FG planes has better glass cockpit displays than opengc or others. I's possible to configure a FG client to render specific displays as opengc?

I might argue that point :-) Take a peek at the 747 project page on the FG website...

John W

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