"Vandewalle, David E" wrote:

> Now what would be really neat is if we could get some seeders started
> with the entire world scenery distribution.  
> Things that size (i.e. HUGE!) is where bit torrent can really shine.

Not that I object against adding additional distribution methods, it's
just that I strongly believe that the accumulated bandwidth of the
available FTP servers is not an issue here. The central case is that
the average user simply does not utilize the mirrors. Most of them
presumably go via the graphical scenery download page and they all hit
the primary server. These people would not use BitTorrent either.

I run one of those WWW/FTP mirror servers, every FTP connection is
limited to 200 kByte/s - which I expect to be enough for most of the
users - and actually the average load on this FTP server is only 2
MBit/s. It doesn't even hit its limits at peak times.

Curt distributed parts of the load when he applied this round-robin
load-balancer for the Windows binary package and the additional
aircraft. This had a noticeable impact on the traffic on my server so I
conclude it would make much sense to distribute the scenery download in
a similar manner. It even might make a lot of sense to distribute the
download page itself, not only the links behind, because the
round-robin alorithm is currently implemented as an external command
which would be called for every chunk once a user selects the graphical
download interface.
This might improve once the round-robin algorithm is implemented as a
persistent function inside the HTTP server.

> I would volunteer, but I don't have the entire set ...

I have the whole set but I don't volunteer because I personally don't
feel that we're going to gain noticeable improvement just by offering
another file transfer method.

 Unix _IS_ user friendly - it's just selective about who its friends are !

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